Funny animations

Entertain visitors to your sites with fun and comic animations!

Raise the mood of visitors

Give a smile to your visitors and they will not forget your website. Add uniqueness to your page on the Internet

Easy integration

Funny animation will become a part of the website very quickly and without any difficulties: just add the code!

Benefits of FunAnime animation integration

Create emotional interactions with visitors by using interesting comic animations

How is your site different from the others?

An original way to attract the attention of the visitors to your website or online store. Bright and funny animations will not go unnoticed by users, highlighting your resource and making it noticeable in comparison with your competitors

Large selection of characters and scenarios

Choose animation from our gallery or order your character according to the theme of your website. We will come up with a scene, draw and animate it!

Your website will be remembered

Interactive animations make a positive impression on the audience. Visitors will remember your website due to funny animations and will come back to you again V

Choose Anime

Choose an animation that suits best the theme of your website from the animations presented.
Our library will be constantly updated with new animations.
We will also be creating tailor-made scripts and animations very soon.

Animations come to life when you hover the mouse, so they will not distract from the main content of the site.
Users can always close the animation at any time.

Get Anime

Fill out the form and we will send you the code for your site. Specify the number of the selected animation.
You can use animations free for now!